Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back on the WW Wagon

I fell off the wagon...back in July. Oops. You know, eating like crap is a hard habit to break. I did great May-July, then my birthday came. Then I lost my job. Then Ryan lost his. I'll be honest, I started eating emotionally again. After being around all my skinny in-laws all weekend in St. Louis, I realized just how far off the wagon I had actually fallen. I'm not back to my original starting weight, but I've definitely put some pounds back on. So, today I am back on Weight Watchers. Wish me luck...!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frankie @ Bill's Records & Tapes!

Frankie will be playing @ Bill's Records & Tapes in Dallas on October 3rd @ 4:45pm.

If anyone is in the area that afternoon, come support Frankie Wylie Music!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Update!

Yes, I know how long its been since I last blogged. I am been feeling less than inspired so, I just haven't done it. But, its been a great weekend, so I thought I'd update.

I am still loving BurbMom, and have been doing pretty well with it, I think. Ryan is still searching for a new job everyday. Its tough out there. He is bored at home, so if any of you need any work done on your homes, cars, electronics...he's your man! ;)

Back to this weekend. Friday night was the CD Release for my favorite local band, Oso Closo. If were are very close, you've heard me talk about them. My good friend, Daniel Garcia, plays guitar in the band, which is why I first came to see them play. Now, I am hooked because they are just so good. Anyway, the lovely Mandy meet us there and it was so awesome to share the music with her! For fun, here is a pic of us there!

Saturday, Ryan & I went spent the day in the pool with our friends Brittany, Gavin & Jennye and Kim. It was so much fun! The boys grilled while the girls gabbed. Then we played some Catchphrase. I had no idea I was so competitive! ;) I'll post some pictures soon.