Denton Womens Collective

I talk about DWC, a group I helped co-found, often. It's the cause I am most actively involved in. Anytime I blog about it, I'll link up here, but for any "newbie" to my blog or this cause, here is how I got started with it.

Denton Women’s Collective
And What It Means To Me

If you know me very well at all, you know I’m a passionate being. When I find something I love, I dive in with both feet. And recently, a cause has struck me so deeply to the core, that its almost as if I didn’t have a choice in the matter…my feet jumped for me. At the start of 2011, I stated that one of my goals for this year was to volunteer more. In a way, this is fulfilling that for me…and so much more.

Ever since the Glamour article featuring Lizzie Miller, I couldn’t help but think, “Why is it causing such uproar, both good and bad, that this NORMAL, BEAUTIFUL woman is revealing her REAL, BEAUTIFUL body?” But I assumed, based on the reactions, that I was alone in that thought. Let me introduce you to the Denton’s Women Collective. A dear friend, Lindsay, sent me a simple Facebook message inviting me to join a FB group she was trying to get started. She touched on what the group was about and I thought, “That sounds an awful lot like what I’ve had running through my head lately.” So, I joined. Well, I couldn’t make it to the first meeting, but I emailed Lindsay and started an exchange of thoughts, and it was in that moment that I had a revelation. Lindsay and I could not be more opposite in appearance, but we are so very similar in heart and mind. And isn't that what makes us all so great? So, here we are. Committed to our cause. And our cause is this - Women.

It’s a hard world to live in for a woman. Especially a young woman. We are under constant scrutiny to fit into a certain mold. But why? See I think we are good enough, smart enough, strong enough and definitely beautiful enough – just the way we are. But the startling statistic is that in today’s world girls start dieting younger and younger; in fact 80% of 13-year-olds have attempted to lose weight. Why? Because they don’t feel good enough. And that, right there, is what I aim to change. I think we can do something to help women to realize that their self worth is SO MUCH MORE than what they look like. That being smart, strong and independent is even more important than fitting into society’s mold for “the perfect woman”.

And that was the spark that lit the fire of DWC for me. We discuss a wide range of topics and have continued to grow and morph into a group I am so very proud of.

I have big dreams for this group. Dreams I'm sure I'll blog more about. But for now I'll leave you to digest that this is just me trying to do MY part to change the world we (women) live in.