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My 30x30 List:

1. Start a bucket list.
2. Start making concrete plans for future things that I can't talk about right now. (I know, I'm terrible.)
3. Chase a storm.
4. Visit JFK Memorial Plaza (Yes, I've lived in Texas my entire life and I've never done this...so clearly it needs to happen before I'm 30, right?!)
5. Learn more about wine. Besides "it tastes good".
6. Weigh less on my 30th birthday than I did on my 29th.
7. Learn a new skill.
8. Go to one concert a month.
9. Record music with Ryan.
10. Create a coffee table book with photos I've taken in Instagram.
11. Do one Pinterest craft a month.
12. Read three books.
13. Take a yoga class.
14. Step out of my fashion comfort zone.
15. Take a completely spontaneous day/weekend trip.
16. Learn how to grow something edible.
17. Donate to 3 organizations I love. (One for each decade of my life!)
18. Conquer something difficult in the kitchen - like souffle or crepes.
19. Put an unnatural color in my hair.
20. Say "YES" to everything for an entire day.
21. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet.
22. Ask my parents for each of their 5 favorite movies. Watch all 10.
23. Buy a record that came out the year I was born.
24. Give up sodas for an entire month. (Diet too!)
25. Spend more time exploring Denton. (I go to the same handful of places all the time.)
26. Try two new recipes a month.
27. Once a week (or so?), write a different friend to tell them how I truly feel about them.
28. Get a tattoo.    Maybe.  After some deep thought/self-exploring, I've realized that as much as I LOVE tattoos (and I seriously do), its just not me.
29. Participate in 5 truly random acts of kindness.
30. Make a list of everything (EVERYTHING) I want to accomplish in my life. (Though this list will always be growing/changing.)

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