Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Newlywed Survey!

The Newlywed Survey
Ryan & Rachel

When did you get married? November 8, 2008.

How long did you know each other before you started dating? ​A long time. We first met when he was in 7th grade and I was in 8th. Then we started dating when I was a senior and he was junior.

How old are each of you? I’m 25 and he will be 24 in like 10 days.

Whose siblings do/ did you see the most? ​Mine.

Do you have any children together? ​Not yet!

What about pets?​ Chloe!!

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?​ Probably money.

Did you go to the same school? ​Yup!!

Are you from the same home town? Yes :) And I really love that.

Who is the smartest? ​We are both smart in different areas.

Who is the most sensitive?​ I am. But he is a pretty sensitive guy. I love that.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?​ We eat at a lot of different places. Used to be Chili’s.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?​ Florida. And we will be in California in 17 days!!

Who has the worst temper?​ Um…that’s probably even.

Who does most of the cooking?​ He does.

Who is more social? ​Me. By a long shot.

Who is the neat-freak? ​He is. I am about the kitchen, though.

Who is the most stubborn?​ RYAN FOR SURE. I hear he gets that from the Niemann side ;)

Who hogs the bed? That’s pretty even too. He hogs the actual bed, but I hog the covers.

Who wakes up earlier? ​We get up at the same time.

Where was your first date? ​Chili’s :) This just made me smile ear to ear. He was soooo nervous he could barely eat.

Who has the bigger family?​ It’s pretty close, but his is slightly bigger.

Who said "I love you" first?​ He did.

How long did it take to get serious? A week. Haha. We both knew it was special and we were dating exclusively after like 2 dates. It was actually really cute. We were in my parent’s driveway watching the stars and he looked over at me and said “Will you be my girlfriend?” Of course I said yes. [And then we had our first kiss.]

Who eats more?​ Oh, him for sure. Haha.

Who’s better with the computer?​ He is.

Who drives when you are together?​ Usually Ryan. I don’t really like driving.

Who picks where you go to dinner?​ Usually I go through a list and he finally picks one.

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?​ Whoever was actually wrong.

Who takes out the trash? Ryan.

Who wears the pants? ​It’s mostly even. ;)

Who has more tattoos?​ Ryan. He has one. [I have none.]

Who eats more sweets?​ Probably me…unless we are talking ice cream. Ryan is an ice cream junkie.

Who does the cleaning? Mostly me. Sometimes I make him help.

What is your secret to a happy marriage? I don’t think there is a “secret”. It’s all open knowledge. Communication, trust, being each other’s best friend and of course, love. It doesn’t mean we will get it right all the time. It just means we have the tools to be happy. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Blog's for YOU Obama!

This is an amazing, monumental day for America.

Everyone will have a different image that will stay in their minds forever when they think of January 20, 2009. For me, it was the sweet, little 90-year-old African American man crying his eyes out watching Obama speak. For my brother, it is the security guard at an office building he delivered to, waving his arms in the air as Obama was sworn in. What will it be for you?

Sadly, something else is sticking in my mind. The snide, borderline malicious remarks of others. All day long I've seen Facebook status after Facebook status “The world is ending” and “I refuse to watch TV today.” UGH! Can’t you see?! This is so much more than politics!!! I am so sorry that some uncouth, disrespectful people booed at Bush. I would never do that. I’m sorry “your guy” didn’t win. Just get past it. Please. Get past it and look at what this day means. Don’t make it about Democrats and Republicans. Make it about PEOPLE. I know some people are going to be closed-minded and bitter regardless. Fine. Stay off my blog.

To the rest of you; this is what will define our generation!! This beautiful day when our voices were heard and, finally, race didn’t matter. I get choked up even typing those words. This is an amazing, monumental day for America.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Today we remember MLK, tomorrow we recognize Obama...

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I had to share it. The more I read it, the more powerful it becomes. I urge you to read it a few times, as I have, and really let the words sink in.

"Rosa sat...so that MLK could walk...so that Obama could run...so that our children could fly."

Regardless of your political views, this is an amazing week for America. I could not be more proud of this country. Obama, I believe in you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Brother, The Model

So, my brother is a good looking kid. Always has been. Apparently, others are noticing too. :)
Frankie has recently started modeling for a couple of photographers' and I wanted to share a few of my favorite of his pictures. I think they are pretty awesome. But, I am biased.

[You can click on the picture to make it bigger :) ]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm slipping...

I am getting so bad about blogging!! I lack motivation. Our lives are a bit boring these days, so I don't have much to talk about. But, here is a semi-update.

Our current lease is up in April, and so we started to look at other apartments. Not because we don't like ours, we do, but we were just seeing what else was out there. And we pay kind of a lot for our little one bedroom so we just wanted to compare. We found a few we like, but have decided to stay put. We will save around $600 [deposits, admin fees, pet fees, moving costs, etc] if we just renew our lease here. We are really trying to save as much as we can to buy a house, so it seemed silly to spend so much just to move into another apartment.

We have watched A LOT of movies lately. After the holidays, things really slowed down for us. [Poor Ryan is dying over here!! He loves having stuff to do.] We have Blockbuster Online so we get movies in the mail. It's the best $20 a month we spend, in my opinion. Anyway, we have seen lots of good ones recently. Eagle Eye, Wanted, Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, The Number 23 [Well, I liked this one, Ryan didn't], Hancock and Kung Fu Panda. I told you we watch a lot of movies...!!

Other than that, we go to work and come home. That's about it. Haha! We are toying with the idea of getting another cat, because Chloe seems lonely when we get home from work.

Well, we are about to watch two more movies, so I better finish up. Today, it's Death Race [Ryan's pick] and Burn After Reading [my pick]!