Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am: a TV junkie.
I know: I am loved.
I want: a house.
I have: an amazing husband.
I wish: I could make all my brother’s dreams come true.
I hate: techno music.
I fear: a lot.
I feel: I have yet to reach my full potential.
I hear: music in everything.
I smell: things other people cannot.
I crave: salty and sweet.
I wonder: if it’s bad to be obsessed with a book series.
I regret: getting a credit card at 18.
I ache: to save the polar bears.
I care: deeply.
I always: say “I love you”.
I believe: I was born to be a Mother.
I dance: often.
I sing: daily.
I cry: every time I watch Grey’s Anatomy.
I don’t always: say what I want to say.
I write: to express myself.
I stole: Ryan’s heart :)
I need: my Mother.
I am happy about: where my life is headed.

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