Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's officially upon us!!

I love Winter. Really, I do. I LOVE the cold weather, and the cold weather clothing. Sweaters, coats and scarves are pretty much my favorite things. Oh, and the hot cocoa! Who could forget the hot cocoa?! I anxiously await fall/winter during spring and summer, and mourn the loss when May rolls around. My entire life, or at least as long as I can remember, I've said "I'm not meant for Texas". I loathe anything over 85*.

That being said, when you DO live in Texas and winter hits, expect the unexpected. It snowed this morning. Maybe snow is an exaggeration. It flurried for about an hour, maybe two. Nothing stuck to the roads, yet people can't figure out how the drive in the stuff. Here's a hint - its the same as driving in the rain. Just drive, slightly slower and further away from the car in front of you. It's not ice. [For the record, I HATE driving in ice.] Also, I don't think my lovely Jetta has figured me out yet. I don't like the heat on full blast in my car. When I leave the house, I'm dressed appropriately for the cold, therefore, I don't need uber-heat. However, the windshield and windows in my car fog up like no other. I had to drive to work with the heat/defrost setting on full blast the whole ride just to keep a patch the size of my head clear. By the time I arrived at my office, I was actually sweating. Not cool Jetta. Not cool.


  1. I'm not meant for Texas weather either! I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEE this weather we're having right now!

  2. Mark me down for loving the cold weather too! Isn't it great?!