Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ryan's 25th Birthday

I've been called a Cougar.

I've been told I "robbed the cradle".

Yes, I married a younger man. People are always surprised when I tell them Ryan's age. I'm guessing this is because a) he is [usually] really mature and b) I guess an "older woman" with a "younger man" is still a bizarre match-up. Technically, he is only 1 year and 7 months younger. Not a big deal, if you ask me, but to the general public, it seems to raise eyebrows. From July to February our numeric age is different by two years. This is when people get curious. And call me a Cougar. BUT, that glorious time from February to July, our numeric age is only different by one year, which I guess makes all the difference.

On Sunday, Ryan turned 25! [I'm 26. See. One year, no biggie. Just wait until July when I turn ::GASP:: 27!] On Friday night we had a few close friends over for an impromptu celebration. Ryan & I made a Mexican feast. Homemade guac, salsa, black bean dip, fajitas - the works. It was a fun night. The cherry on top was Ryan's favorite desert. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. There is not much in this world that we love more than that one specific cheesecake and since Ryan doesn't like normal cake, I got this cheesecake...because I needed something to put the candles in! :)

Here are some pictures:

The Birthday Boy playing Air Drums :)

Me, Kim and Brittany


Kim & Jason

Kim & Chloe :)

Brandon, Ryan & Levi [yay for Bromance! ;) ]

The homemade eats!

The cake & blowing out of candles:

Happy Golden Birthday, my love!

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