Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ok, so I feel like I should introduce a few people who I will most likely be mentioning in the blog. And after this, if I mention someone, I will explain who they are and I will try to post a picture. I like to put faces with names, so I assume everyone wants to see who I am speaking of. :)

So - I'm Rachel [duh].

This is my other half, Ryan.

Our Furbaby, Chloe.
She is a brat and we love her like she is our child.
It's sad, I know.

I mentioned my brother, Frankie.
He's adorable. And hilarious.

Then there is my amazing Mom.
This is us in 1999. [I wish I was still that skinny.]

Ryan's family; Richard, Susan and Scott.
[Ryan & I are in this one too.]

Ok - I think that's a good start.
[And all the pictures I have on this computer... :) ]

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