Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shopped till I dropped!

What a weekend!!! I'm exhausted, haha.

Friday - Ryan & I went to my Mom's to see Frankie's hair cut. [It looks AWESOME!] Then we head to Carino's for "2 Can Dine for $19.99". YUM! Then, my Mom & I went to Macy's to do a little shopping. We both got adorable winter coats, stocked up on Clinique [and got a free gift] and I got a little something for the wedding night ;). Everything was on sale.

Saturday - VOTED!!! Then dropped my wedding band at the jewelers to be sized, had my gray hair colored, picked up my bridal portraits, dropped them at the framers, shopped a bit then Ryan called at whined that he missed me and wanted me to come home :). We went grocery shopping at like 9pm. It was great!

Today - Ryan & I cleaned our cars this morning, went a got a wedding gift for Sharif & Kelly's wedding next weekend, then picked up my Mom, went to the Bridal shop to get her dress and my shoes, went to Dillard's & Lane Bryant and we both got SO much cute stuff. And EVERYTHING was on sale!!!

Anyway, I am spent. But, the lousy economy does make for some great deals while shopping!!!

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