Friday, December 12, 2008

Things I've learned...

I have sucked at keeping up with my blog. Sorry :\ To make up for it, I put a lot of thought into this one. I will add to the list whenever I can.

Things I have learned…

I know, I know. I’m only 25 years old. The list can’t be that long. You’d be surprised the things I picked up along the way…and the list is growing every day. And isn’t that the point?

· I’ve learned that relationships take work, but when you find “the one” it’s worth the effort.
· I’ve learned that the one person who is never supposed to break your heart, might.
· I’ve learned that a Mother’s Love is possibly the only thing that never changes. [I’ve learned this being a daughter. I can’t wait to learn this from the Mother’s side, too.]
· I’ve learned that earning your own money makes the things you buy feel more important.
· I’ve learned that being responsible does not mean you can’t have fun.
· I’ve learned that you never stop missing your Grandparents when they are no longer around.
· I’ve learned that you should never take yourself too seriously. I’m still working on this one.
· I’ve learned that a woman’s strength is unmatched.
· I’ve learned that sticks and stones can indeed break your bones, but words can break your heart.
· I’ve learned that every single person I’ve ever met has touched my life in some way.
· I’ve learned that we are not promised ‘tomorrow’. Each day is a gift, and should be treated as such. Say ‘I love you’ often.
· I’ve learned that life carries on, whether you are ready for it to or not.
· I’ve learned that family in an amazing thing.
· I’ve learned that my brother is priceless and irreplaceable.
· I’ve learned that even though we grow older, some people never grow up.
· I’ve learned that I’m still learning. And that’s a good thing.



  1. Thank you. I was feeling rather insightful today ;)

  2. oh you know, just reading old posts i never have until today and wanted to say I LOVE THIS ONE omg! thank you for sharing!