Monday, February 2, 2009

Just a vent

I am going to use today's blog to vent. Ryan has been traveling so much lately and I hate it. Last week he was gone Mon-Thurs. This week he will be gone Tues-Fri. Next week he will be gone Mon-Thurs then we leave Friday morning for our Honeymoon in San Francisco. He is not even going to want to go, he will be so sick of traveling!!! UGH!!! I'm sure it's cause we are newlywed's. I bet if we'd been married for 20 years I'd been fine with it. But I freaking miss him when he's gone!!

But - on the plus side, we DO leave for San Francisco in 11 days and we will have 10 days [7 days in Cali, 10 days off work] together, no work, no interruptions. Just us. It will be the first trip we've ever been on, just the two of us. I just hope he's not too pooped to enjoy it!!

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  1. I'm sure it will be a great trip! Take lots of pics...I haven't been to SF yet, but I really want to go!