Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, we are back from our honeymoon. We got back last week but I hadn't felt motivated to blog. Our trip was...OK. We have fun about 40% of the trip. For one, I didn't feel 100% from having the flu until like the very last day [which we spent mostly in the airport] and for two, it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY. We had about 3 hours of clear skies one day and that is it! So, we are already starting to plan Honeymoon Take 2 for 2010. [By the way 2010 feels strange to type...]

We took Chloe to the vet last night because she's been licking this one spot on her hip bald and it's gotten really bad. We searched online and there are a list of things that an cause it, so we decided to seek professional help. You are all going to laugh to know, the vet is 99% sure it's a condition called Psychogenic Alopecia. In other words, I have a neurotic cat. How very fitting. They gave her some meds and hopefully she will improve. Sigh.

Ryan & I also made a really, really big decision. Saying it out loud is gonna be weird but...we have decided to move in with my Mom for a year. Yup. You read that right. Here is why:
1- My Mom is having some financial struggles right now and if we help her with her mortgage/bills she won't have to sell her house in this market. [Sorry Mom, if you want me to take this off I will...]
2- Splitting my Mom's expenses will allow us to live totally off my paycheck, which means we can save EVERYTHING Ryan makes for that year. This means we will have the down payment for our own house in one years time, instead of the 5 years it would take with our current expenses.
3- We will also have the means for Ryan to finally go back to school. This is HUGE for us and will open soooo many doors for my wonderful husband.

It might be a bit crowded until we all get used to it, but I think it will be a win/win for all in the end. The thought of owning a home in a year feels so amazing. We have one final test before we finalize the decision and that's to make sure Chloe and my Mom's 2 cats will all get along. They are all very sweet, laid back kitties, so I am sure they will adjust to it but we are gonna have a test run on Friday. Wish us luck!! I love my Mom's cats [I rescued them off the side of 35!] and she loves Chloe...let's just hope they all love each other!!

Ok - that's enough rambling for today!! :)



  1. Wow, Rachel! I'm sorry it rained the whole time on your honeymoon and that the flu still had you down! That's no fun!

    I think it's great that you can help your mom out that way. I think it will be tough sometimes, but that's great to be able to save so much money!! The year will certainly fly by! I feel like every year for me goes by a little bit faster than the last.

    Thanks for updating!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement my friend!!!

  3. Sorry about the rain Rachel. It's certainly a good excuse to take another trip though :)

    You guys are doing a wonderful thing by helping your mom out and being responsible enough to think through what you want. You'll have a house before you know it!