Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am going to a Coupon Queen!

I've officially jumped on the money-saving band wagon. Since we are diligently saving for a house, especially after April, I have recently started researching lots of different ways to save money. I'd been toying with the "coupon" idea for a while but this morning a lighting bolt was sent from the Heaven's in the form on a news spot! I watch NBC local news [& the Today Show] every morning and this morning they had this lady on: http://mommyswishlist.blogspot.com/
She got the ball [in my head] really rolling. One thing that Ryan & I really didn't want to give up was eating out...well this Mommy has links to about 20 restaurants that give away free or 1/2 price food on bdays, anniversaries and for signing up! I'm all over that one. Plus, by eating out I feel like I'm helping the economy, right?! [Just smile and nod people!!] Not to mention other coupons and money saving tips.

Next, I went to coupons.com and the P&G ESavers websites and signed up there. The cool thing about P&G is that is will link coupons to your Kroger Plus card [which is where we shop] so if you forget the actual coupon at home, there will be some linked to your card! Also - did you know that in Texas, Kroger will let you double and triple coupons? They will double coupons up to .50 and triple up to .39 - For example if I have 3 (three) .30 coupon for 3 Dial Hand soaps that are on sale in the store for 1.00 then the system will take off .90, .90, .90 making them .10 each!!

The Mommy's Wish List blogger recommends you make a binder to keep all the coupons in, and I am going to do this. She recommends keeping it in your car at all times, except when you reload it. I will do this too. I am so bad about walking out the door without stuff.

From there I hit several other sites, all about "coupon-ing". One is a local group http://www.sistersofsavings.com/index.php who offers a seminar for $45 [10% of that goes to a local charity!] to teach you "the ways". On one of their news spots, one of the sisters got $252 worth of groceries for $32!!!

I also came across sites for a similar practice with clothing, cosmetics, pretty much everything you can think of! The only thing I'm still looking for are tips to saving on gas...

Anyway, I am ALL IN! I'm sure this new obsession will drive Ryan nuts...until he sees how much we are saving!! :)


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