Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love "gifts for no reason"!!

I really do love them. You know, when you get a gift out of the blue just because. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Well, I got one last night.

Ryan had gotten XM radio in his car and I was growing increasingly jealous. ;) I mean, there are SO many stations to chose from and they are 99% commercial free!! Well, he had told me about this fancy new one that has a color screen [no other model has had this prior] and the ability to save songs and artists to a "play list". I was drooling.

Skip to last night. He ordered me one!! It got here yesterday and he installed it for me!! I'm in love. He is excited that I finally share a tiny little part of his obsession with electronics. ;) Anyway, here are a couple of very blurry camera phone pictures of my new XM radio!! YAY!!

Thanks Hubbs!!! :D


  1. That's so awesome! How does it hook in?

  2. Thanks!! Ryan said it's pretty plugs into the AV jack [same place an ipod would plug in] and then you put the tiny little antenna on the outside of the car, or under the hood. On my Jetta, it worked best at the very top of my windshield.