Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Weekend!

This was an awesome weekend! It was jam-packed with old friends from out of town, parties and "the State Fair"! Here is a recap in picture form:

Saturday we went to an awesome Halloween party with our group of close friends. This is the only picture I have so far, so I will post more as they come!
Obviously, we were the Chapman's - Bounty Hunters extraordinaire! (click on the picture to make it larger)

Sunday we loaded in our cars and headed to the State Fair of Texas...or so we thought. We left at 1:30pm. We sat in bumper to bumper traffic until almost 4:30pm, only to reach the gates and find they were full and no one else could get in. We were directed back to the end of the line [which was about 2 hours of waiting] and decided to turn around and head home. We decided to have our OWN fair, aptly named the State Fair of AWESOMENESS featuring the Fried Food Wonderland!

Jennye & Gavin, still optimistic at this point

Kim & Jason and Brittany were in the car behind us. Note all the traffic.
Soon after we headed home.

Homemade corn dogs!! They were SO GOOD!

Fried pickles and jalapeno poppers!

Kim & Jason enjoying the fried goodness

Gavin and his corn dog

Ryan, taking a break from the fryer

My personal favorite of the night! PB & J fried in funnel cake batter!

The plate of fried PB & J

Another fav! Fried s'mores!

And of course, what fair is complete without caramel apples?!

It was such a fun day, with great friends. :)


  1. Next year, you should seriously consider taking the train. You could've driven to a station in Plano, gotten a $4 day pass and ridden all the way to the front gate of the Fair with just one transfer (red line to green line at Pearl Station). The train was crowded yesterday, but not unbearable - and no traffic jams!

    HOWEVER - it looks like you coped admirably and had perhaps an even better time than many did at the Fair - and probably spent less money! And I LOVE your costumes!

  2. Watched Oprah & Gail at the state fair on TV last night (Mon.)they had a blast and it looks like the only they sampled that you didnt was the fried butter poppers..LOL. Maybe that is why you were turned away....Oprah taping her show there (?). Glad you all got to celebrate & eat regardless. Happy to hear Mom is progressing nicely and will be home soon also. Love to you both, AZ grandma......oxoxoxoxxoxoxo
    p.s. you're costumes were awesome!!!!!