Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Wrap-Up

*Note: I could have sworn I hit "publish" yesterday...but apparently I did not.

I decided to do a Wrap-Up this week, since it’s been a few. Since we are down to the Top 7, I will just give my two cents on everyone, in the order they sang last night.

Casey James – I must have been watching a different show then the judges. I really like him. I know he is starting to be the same every week, but his “same” is GOOD! He just looks so natural on stage. I’d buy his album tomorrow.

Lee Dewyze – MY MAN! I just love him. Have I already said that?! Oops. Well, I do. He is SO good. I loved his song choice, because he was so emotional, and I thought he sang it so well.

Tim Urban – GO HOME! He is just not good enough.

Aaron Kelly – I thought Aaron did really, really well. He has so much raw talent and I thought he sang the shnikies out of that song.

Siobhan Magnus – I am not a fan. I don’t “get” her. I think she sounds nasally a lot. And I’m sorry, but what a terrible song choice.

Michael Lynche – My OTHER Man! ;) I really liked this performance. I appreciate how versatile he is and I think the judges were a little harsh. Vocally he is always really solid. And, can we talk about the size of his arms?! That man could probably lift a bus with one arm if he needed to!

Crystal Bowersox – She last night. As my brother would say, not only can she sing, she can SANG! So, so good.

I do want to take a moment to talk about my long lost Alex. He is on a show called If I Can Dream, which is online only but pretty cool! YAY Alex!

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