Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been unintentionally neglecting my blog lately.

I haven't done Idol Wrap-Up in two weeks, mainly because I have my clear favorites and I felt like my posts were becoming redundant.

I haven't updated on any personal happenings because things have been a little tough lately. I don't want to go into too much detail (for my private hubby's sake) but if you pray, prayers would be appreciated.

I will, however, try to bring a little Sunshine and Rainbows into this post with some cute pictures of our Chloe and Cooper. Cooper is settling in nicely, though Chloe still isn't sure she wants him around. ;)

Here is the Little Miss Priss, looking cute as usual, all snuggled up to Ryan.

Here is Cooper, snoozing. I love how his little "fangs" stick out when he sleeps. :)

Here they are, eating together. This is rare. Very rare. Chloe usually realizes he's next to her and bolts.

Yes, I know. Cats are not children. But for now, they are to me.

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