Monday, May 3, 2010


I've been hearing this word way too much lately.

I feel like it's surrounding my friends and family.

I HATE that word.

Yesterday, we celebrated my Dad's 59th birthday, and spoke briefly about his battle, and how grateful I am that he won and is now cancer free.

Today, my cousin Steve heads to MD Anderson in Houston to learn of options to fight his leiomyosarc​oma, a very rare form of cancer. For anyone who would like to be kept in the loop, please see his Caring Bridge site.

Last night, Ryan received a phone call to let him know his Aunt Peggy has follicular lymphoma, also a rare form of cancer. She was a cancer survivor before this most recent news.

It makes me feel angry, sad, scared, helpless.

My Dad used to say "If you live long enough, everyone gets cancer." That used to be an acceptable rationalization for me, but now it seems out dated. More and more people, of all ages and health, are being affected by this heinous disease.

There was no real point to this poorly written post other then to vent...because cancer SUCKS.


  1. I agree. I hate the word too. I'm sorry your family is going through all of this!

  2. I fully agree! I dispise the word. My FIL is battling it as is my cousin.

    I am here anytime you need to vent.