Thursday, July 1, 2010

Andrew Tinker & Blues Traveler

I feel really lucky. I live in an area rich with musical prowess and an abundance of great venues. Last night, I got to take advantage of both. Jack FM, a local radio station, turned 6 this week, and so they threw a giant bash at Gilley's in Dallas. Blues Traveler was headlining, and my friend Andrew Tinker was one of the openers. When Andrew first announced he was playing Gilley's, we immediately started looking into tickets. A day or so later, I got a tweet (that's Twitter, if you didn't know) about getting FREE tickets. I took the chance, and thanks to Andy Chandler of Jack FM/CBS Radio, I secured FREE tickets for 6! So, Ryan & I, Brittany & Jacob, Kim, Frankie and Richard (who already had a ticket) piled into cars and headed to Dallas.

Andrew was up first. [Disclaimer: I've already admitted that Andrew is my friend. His brother, George, is my brother's BFF & roommate, and we've known the Tinker family for 10+ years. Many will think what I'm going to say next is biased. Maybe it is, but I would like to point out that I have friends who are in bands that I would never post about because I like to lead people to good music. Plus, I consider myself one who knows a thing or two about music, seeing as I studied it for many years.] Moving on...there is just something about Andrew Tinker. For as long as I've known him, music is what he lives for, and it shows. If you've heard his album, It Takes the World, then you know he's good. But that's only the tip of the iceberg with Andrew. To see him live is a whole other realm. The whole band melds together perfectly to accentuate his amazing songwriting abilities, and his presence on stage is truly unmatched by any other I've seen that hasn't already "made it". Which leads me to this...he is |thisclose| to blowing up. I can just feel it. It won't be long before he's all over the radio, selling out venues. My point? Go see him NOW. Get in on the ground level. You will not regret it. Speaking of only regret? That Andrew played before the second opener, Shurman, who is touring with Blues Traveler. I don't generally "bash" bands, but, they couldn't hold a candle to Andrew Tinker. 

Andrew Tinker (click on any of these to see them larger)

By the time Blues Traveler the stage, I was really excited. I've loved them for a long time. I know pretty much every word to every song on their album 'Four'. And, since my dear brother plays a mean harmonica, I was excited to watch him watch them...because let's face it - No one does it like John Popper. Within minutes of them taking the stage, everyone was blown away. To hear his vocal and harp skills on an album is all well and good...but to be standing 10 feet away is something entirely different. Un-freaking-real. Watching this little boy grin on Frankie's face was awesome. At one point he looked at me and said "Can you believe we are seeing this?!" John Popper even tossed a few harmonicas out into the crowd between songs, and I so wished Frankie could have gotten one! I don't want to sell his band short...they were fabulous, too. You have to be, to stand next to Popper. Besides the harmonica legend himself, I really enjoyed the pianist. He was outstanding. And I think I counted at least 4 different keyboards around him. I also really liked the crazy bass the bass player was jammin' on. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. I am so glad I can now say I've seen Blues Traveler live.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Me, Brittany & Kim, with a few creepers in the back ground ::coughWilliamTinkercough::

The Husband & I (he loves to make that goofy face...)
The whole group, minus Ryan. L-R: Frankie, Jacob, Brittany, Richard, Kim & me
I hate the look on my face...I was focusing so hard on getting everyone in the shot, I forgot to smile ;)
It was quite a night, and though I am crazy tired today, I am so, so glad we were there.

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