Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whatever Wednesday!

*Note: I wrote this yesterday, but forgot to post it. Forgive me.

I haven't checked my Google Analytics in a few weeks, so I logged on today, knowing it was Wednesday.

Blog Stats
I have 205 hits this week, and 40 of them were from googling the TV shows or actors mentioned in my DVR post! I also had one person land here after googling "telephone ben naslund". Um...What? Who is Ben Naslund? Is he related to the infamous Chloe Naslund (who still gets me a hit or two a month)?  Out of curiosity, I googled Ben Naslund. I found nothing. I do not think he exists.

"Recipe" of the Week
Last week I got an email and two Facebook messages asking me to post a quick, easy and tasty dinner idea. So, here is one of our "go to" dinners that fit all the criteria AND is budget friendly.
Chicken & Avocado Quesadillas

Low-Carb Tortillas
Avocados (1/2 an avocado per Quesadilla)
Low-Fat Mexican Blend Cheese
Whatever seasonings you like on your chicken

I marinate the chicken for at least 30 minutes in the mix we've "perfected" to our liking. For me, that's Fajita marinade, garlic powder, a little lime juice, a splash of tequila and adobe seasoning. Ryan is probably going to kill me for giving away our secret, but I didn't share how much of each we use. You'll have to decide what you like. ;)  Then, I grill the chicken, and chop it. 

To assemble my quesadilla, I like to do cheese first, then avocado, then chicken with a little more cheese to bind it all together. I "fan out" my avocado so I get a little in every bite. If you ask my close friends, they will tell you, I am slightly obsessed with avocado.

Here is the finished product! I want one. Anyway, I feel super cheesy for typing this out in "recipe" form...but the people asked! Enjoy!

Random Ramblings from Rachel
This is dedicated to Ryan's Grammie. (His Maternal Grandma in AZ.) She emailed me recently about Ryan's current "look". She prefers a clean cut Ryan. And while I prefer the rugged Ryan, he wanted a change so I gave him a hair cut, and he saved off his facial hair. The rest of the night I couldn't stop looking at him cause he looked SO different to me! He did need a hair was getting pretty shaggy, but I miss the goatee. ;)
Here you go Grammie! Ryan's before and after:

What do YOU think?!



  1. What a so tickled that my observations were taken to heart :-)
    I just mentioned that I didn't like the moustache on him and never said a word about getting rid of his goatee......hehehee. Although for a goatee to look nice it has to be trimmed and kept up or else you look like a homeless person. You just like getting tickled with all that peach fuzz me thinks. He looks much younger clean shaven, which is probably
    not the look he was going for.

  2. Grammie again:
    Hey, its hot and humid in Texas this time of year and am sure he will feel much better with all the hair gone. It can always be grown back in no time at all, so its not like a tatoo or anything that is permanent and can't be fixed. Loved the blog and love you both :)