Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo dump / Updates

We've been busy little bees in the Naslund home. Between both of us working, me finishing my first semester back in school and various other obligations, I haven't done a proper update in a while.

We spend a lot of time ooohing and aaahing over how cute our cats are.
Chloe and Cooper, holding hands.
Chloe, doing what she does best.
I stood up for a cause I believe in. I caught a lot of dirty looks and a few back handed comments the first time I wore this shirt in public, but I got just as many smiles and high fives.

I got two new pairs of glasses! This may not seem that exciting but the last time I bought a new pair was in 2002. Plus, the two pairs together cost me about 1/2 what I paid for the one pair in 2002. WIN! (Thanks Mandy!)

Ryan & I have also been making an effort to do more together, other than sitting at home watching TV. On May 10th, we packed up a picnic dinner and met a group of our friends in Denton to see our friends Andrew Tinker & Co. It was a perfect evening!
Andrew Tinker & Co. at Twilight Tunes
Ryan loves to wait until the last minute and make a face. Sigh. Good thing he's cute.
I went to a celebratory happy hour for DWC and had some much needed wine and girl talk. These women enrich my life so very much!

And then last weekend, Ryan took a rare Saturday off so we could attend the wedding of our friend's Jeff & Christine. 
Right after they said their "I do's"!
Cutting loose in the photo booth! My friend Chelsea captioned it perfectly - Ginger & The Skipper!    

April and May have kept us busy, and the first few weeks of June will too, but then our calendar has some much needed "empty space".  Until then, I will do my best to update more frequently. :)

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