Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today, my baby brother turns 23. He has really come into his own over the past couple of years and has accomplished a lot in 2009.

In case you are one of the few that hasn't already had this shoved down your throat ;) check out his music here!! He wrote all the songs you will hear, except for Call Me When You Hit Chicago, which was written by a good friend of ours, Andrew Tinker. Frankie has a real knack for writing "storytelling songs". In fact the last track is appropriately named "Story Song".

Frank-Beau, I love you SO much. I don't think you really even know. You have been my best friend since May 13, 1986 and I cannot imagine how empty my life would be without you. This story has been told by my Mom a lot over the years, but it's very relevant today. I was 2 when my Mom told me I would be a big sister. From that moment, I prayed every.single.night that God would give me a little brother. I think most little girls want a sister - not me. I wanted a brother. And boy oh boy, did God bless me!! I could not have asked for a better brother than Franklin Wylie Silverman!

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  1. Aww...Rachel, what a sweet blog post! Happy Birthday to your brother!!!