Monday, May 18, 2009

Not really a Weekend Wrap-up...

...cause we didn't really do much this weekend.

Oh Monday, why must you come so soon. I didn't get enough sleep this weekend and Ryan & I both tossed and turned all night long last night. Then we had to get up WAY before the sun this morning so I could drop him off for yet another week long business trip. [He also worked Saturday and will work again this coming Saturday.] I miss my husband!!!

I dropped my Jetta off yesterday at the body shop to get the damage from being hit in the parking lot fixed. So, I am driving Ryan's Jeep all week. This has it's pros and cons. I really like his Jeep, but more as a passenger. It doesn't handle the same way the Jetta does so it always takes me a few days to get used to driving it - especially in heels. But it does have a much better sound system, it's faster and I like being higher up so, there is all of that.

I had a total weight loss fail this past week. As previously mentioned, on Weight Watchers, you have a set number of points every day plus "flex" points you can use if you go out to eat. Well, I used about 1/2 of my flex points and I didn't lose a single pound this week. Oops. Since Frankie's bday was Wednesday, we had cake. And I had a couple 1/2 pieces in the days after. Plus, I ate fast food several times. Its my own fault and I'm pissed at myself. I am going to a WW meeting tonight. And I am back in the right mindset and will be strict this week to make up for it. ::Shakes head in shame::

But - there is a light at the end of the the form of a 3 day weekend.


  1. We all have our "down weeks." But it sounds like you are going to kick WW butt this week! :o)

    And yay for a three day weekend!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a little better!

    Don't worry about messing up! We all have our bad days! You'll get back in the swing of things!