Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life Well Lived - Vol 2

Since starting this segment last week, I've had fun clicking through pictures as I make my list of things that I feel have made my Life Well Lived. As I started making this list, I also realized that, while I often feel behind in a lot of ways, I've also done some pretty neat things in my life. I know if you are just viewing my blog for the first time, these posts may seem like humble brags, but if you will revert back to my first post on the subject, Kelsey's words so perfectly explain what it's all about.

I have touched the Stanley Cup.

This is me, with my Dad, Frankie and Mom in 1999 after the Dallas Stars won The Stanley Cup. We were season ticket holders so after the big win, they contacted everyone who held tickets to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity...and my parents jumped on it. I will be honest, this day is kind a blur for me now. I was SO overwhelmed with excitement...and anxiety that I might run into Jamie Langenbrunner, Mike Modano or my "hockey boyfriend" Niko Kapanen*. (I didn't. Though I DID meet both Langenbrunner and Modano at later dates.) I also remember being afraid to actually TOUCH the Cup. As you can see, my hand is just kind of hanging out inches away. Frankie didn't share those fears, obviously. ;)

*In an effort to calm my jealous husband's nerves, "hockey boyfriend" does not mean he was actually my boyfriend. I just had a giant crush on him.

My Mom & I started an American Idol tradition.

If you read my blog regularly, you already know all about my LOVE for American Idol. Well, my Mom shares that love. We also love the American Idol Tour concerts...and this year will be the 5th year we've gone. I debated making a collage from all the American Idol concerts we've been to together but we didn't take pictures together a couple of the years, so instead, I went my favorite which was from Season 8. As you can see from our t-shirts, Mom was all about Danny Gokey ("Gokey Gang") and I was all about Matt Giraud ("The Matt Pack"). We are hardcore, haha. It's a really fun "thing" that we have together, and we are both already counting down the days until July 20th for this season's!

I stood in the locker of my favorite college basketball player.

Frankie and I were raised in a household that revolved around two sports and college basketball. Both my parent's went to University's that were (at least at one point) known for their basketball teams. Well, my Dad won us over with our love for baseball (and his hometown team, the Chicago Cubs) but my Mom won the college basketball battle with her alma matter, The University of Kentucky. Frankie and I were bleeding blue from a very young age, and I will openly admit that as a pre-teen, I cared just as much about how cute the players were as I did about the game itself. But the end of my teens and into my early twenties I developed a deeper love for the actual game, but always latched on to certain players. And of all the players to wear a Wildcat jersey, Chuck Hayes takes the proverbial cake for me. SO when my Mom and Uncle got us a tour of Rupp Arena, this moment captured above was very, VERY well lived.

Are you sharing what makes YOUR Life Well Lived? 'Cause you should. :)

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