Friday, June 17, 2011



We have a love/hate relationship.

Let's start with what I love.

Flip flops, pool time, iced coffee, sun-kissed skin. (Thank you iPhone, for always being around when I need to snap a random picture.) Pink nail polish (and lip gloss), linen pants, cook-outs, my birthday. Potato salad, key lime pie, and its the only time of year that I actually want beer.

That's a lot of love for Summer. What horrible thing could possibly move this seemingly perfect relationship into Love/Hate status? And I do mean HATE. Well, let's just rearrange those four letters.

Have you guessed it yet? (Remember I live in Texas.)


Today is June 17th. Today's high is 102*.

NOT okay. Let's work on that, shall we Summer? Until then, I will anxiously await your cooler cousin, Fall.

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  1. I'm a slacker and haven't looked at your blog in a while! It is stinkin' hot, huh?! I am having a serious love/hate relationship with it right now too. I HATE when I have to run errands during the day with my girls and after we have been in a store for 30 mins to an hr we have to come out and get into a sweltering car. It's the worst!