Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Well Lived - Words

There is an old saying "Actions speak louder than words." Often, that is very true. But sometimes, WORDS do the trick. Recently, this has been the case for me. Words have been all around me lately, uplifting me, reminding me of the amazing people I have in my life. And since it's Wednesday, this is a celebration of a Life Well Lived, as well.

For my birthday last, my amazing brother wrote me a letter. A letter that now has a permanent home in my wallet, so that I can read it anytime I want/need. Those words mean more to me than any gift he could ever buy me.
Ryan wrote ALL OVER our bathroom mirror after I'd gone through a particularly tough couple of weeks (filled with self-loathing). I do not plan to erase his words anytime soon.

My (new, great) friend Katelyn posted such a unique compliment on my Facebook wall, that I had to snap a screen shot.

And even something as simple as "the three magic words", written here by my 'soul-sister' Lindsay, elevate my spirit.

WORDS do so very much. I try to use them as much as possible to express my feelings to my loved ones. I often get called mushy, but I'm okay with that. I'd like to think, maybe, it's endearing?

But the point of this is not to humble-brag about how awesome people think I am. ;) (JOKE.) It's to get to this...Recently, my good friend Richard and I were having a random discussion about random things - like usual - and we got on the topic of compliments. One thing led to another and I told him I try to give at least one compliment a day. He told me he liked that idea. I went on to explain that, for me, nothing makes me feel better than seeing that I've made someone else feel good. We continued with our conversation and I challenged him to give a compliment a day. And since, recently, I feel like people in my life have been flooding me with praise and kindness, it's only right that I turn around and repay that into the universe.


  1. you are so cute!!! You are all of those things and we all love you because you are such a pleasant presence in our lives! whether it be VIA FACEBOOK(you and I) or in everyday things! I hope your mom is doing well and that you are having a good day!!

  2. What a fantastic post. I love the theme. Words really do mean SO much. It reminds me of the "Love Languages" top two are affirming words and loving touch. As opposed to acts of service, gifts, or quality time. Ahhh. I'll say it again. I LOVE YOU!