Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This blog isn't about words, though I will use a few. ;) This is about the actions of a friend. A friend I've made in the blog (and now Facebook) world and have yet to meet in person. A friend who happens to be married to a friend from high school. I first mentioned this friend here.


Kara is married to my friend Aaron. They have a gorgeous little girl, Gracie. Kara. Is. Awesome.

Today, I got an envelope in the mail from Kara. Inside were 3 PRECIOUS, THOUGHTFUL and BEAUTIFUL pictures that she and Grace had drawn for my Mom (as she recovers from a T.I.A. stroke and pneumonia). How amazing is that?! She's never actually met me, let alone my Mom. Everything we know about each other, we've learned via our blogs or Facebook. Yet, in this trying time, she and Grace sat down and thought of us. THAT is a or otherwise.

Go learn more about Kara and her precious family and admire her awesome photo skills here!

So, Kara, consider this my very public (but very fitting) THANK YOU for your loving kindness and thoughtfulness. I'm lucky to "know" you. :)

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  1. Oh, wow, Rachel you are too sweet. I wish I was worthy of those wonderful words that you said. Can I say "Thank you" to your Thank you? Yes? THANK YOU. I hope that your Mom is recovering and making progress. She is in our prayers.