Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Today is my darling husband’s 27th birthday.

I’ve blogged about Ryan before. More than once. But since it’s his birthday and since he was at the top of his Amazing Husband game last night, I decided I should blog about him again.

Ryan isn’t super jazzed about his birthday. Birthdays are a HUGE deal in my family, so sometimes I have a hard time understanding why he doesn’t feel the same way. And even though he doesn’t want a big deal being made out of it…I’m going to. Because his birthday is a big deal. HE is a big deal.

Last night is a great example of one of the many reasons that Ryan is so awesome. I had been fighting serious allergies (or what I THOUGHT was allergies) for a couple of weeks, and then over the weekend developed this cough that was a little worse every day. Yesterday, about halfway through my work day, I was really feeling crummy and not quite right, so I took ½ a sick day and headed to the doctor. Sinus infection and bronchitis. Lovely. When Ryan got home to find me asleep on the couch, he was gentle and sweet, kissing me on the forehead and asking me how I was feeling and if I needed anything. When I went to bed, it was too early for him so he stayed in the living room watching TV. About an hour after I fell asleep, I had my first “coughing fit” of the night. (If you’ve ever had bronchitis, you know what I’m talking about.) Within seconds of me coming to, realizing I was hacking and coughing my head off, Ryan was right beside me with a bottle of water, rubbing my back. He sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing my back until I fell back asleep. That man…sure, there are things about him that drive me nuts sometimes (and vice versa, no doubt) but he is just wonderful. This loving, devoted, smart, TALENTED and oh-so-handsome man chose to be married to ME.

After reading an article not too long ago about a couple married 72 years who died hours apart, holding hands, I told Ryan “that has to be us”. The Civil Wars say it best, “Heaven or hell, or somewhere in between, cross your heart, to take me when you leave.” Because while it goes against the feminist outlook I have in most things, I really do need him. At the risk of sounding like the cheesiest person on the planet, he really does complete me. I feel more myself with him. I am most comfortable in his presence. We are connected, soul to soul. When he is up, I am up. When he is down, I am down. We balance each other out, we hold each other up. He is my best friend and partner in life. And even when times are tough, knowing I have him to come home to…it somehow makes the hard times feel a little more tolerable.

So yes, my love, your birthday IS a big deal. It’s a celebration of the day you were born…a day I am more thankful for than you will ever know. I know sometimes you lose sight of all the good things in our lives, but they are all around us. I love you, Ryan Matthew. And happy, happy birthday.

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  1. you 2 are such an inspiration!! such a sweet married couple! love your blog! and i sent the civil war quote to my fiance because that is just so sweet and true! Love like this is so hard to find! happy birthday Ryan!!