Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hair Fail

So, if you follow me on Instagram you get bombarded with a nauseating number of beauty-related pictures. As I've discussed approximately a million times, I love trying new things with my hair, nails, makeup, etc, and IG is my outlet for that.

Well, recently I saw a tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, The Beauty Department, and it got me all excited.

Let me back up.

I have naturally thick, coarse, curly, big hair. Some of you think that sounds awesome. Sometimes it is. Usually, it isn't. I prefer to wear my hair straightened because I can get more "wear" between shampooings. And when you have coarse, naturally curly hair, the less you wash it, the better condition your hair is in.

Back to the point. This tutorial was all about extending the life of your blow out. I generally can't wear my hair only blown out without using my Chi to smooth and seal the frizz, but I decided to give it a whirl.

I spend about twice as much time as usual blowing out my hair until it was basically as smooth as I could possibly manage without my trusty Chi. Then I twisted each side into rope braids, as directed, and went to bed.
Proof it was before bed - no makeup, tired eyes.
The next morning, I was eager to see what the result was. I was convinced it was going to be gorgeous. I unraveled the rope braid and ran my fingers through my hair.

Um, no. The Beauty Department lied. Or they cheated. Maybe both. Because the result, was NOT pretty.

Still no makeup, but looking slight more rested? Maybe?
It didn't look so awful from the front, you can judge for yourself above, except it was pretty frizzy. But the was a freaking Roman tragedy.

I kind of can't believe I am even putting this on the internet for the world to see...ew. It basically looked like I slept with my hair in a ponytail and had the WORST pony tail indentations ever. I immediately plugged in my Chi and went to town fixing this mess.

So, here is my thought. This would probably work on someone with longer, naturally straighter and smoother hair. (coughKIMcough) But, it was a giant hair FAIL for me.

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