Wednesday, October 3, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

So lately, some of the blogs I stalk read have featured a list of their "favorites" in the entertainment categories of movies, music and/or TV. Three of my favorite things. ;) I decided that I wanted to jump on that bandwagon since I constantly talking about all three of those subjects in my day to day life. I especially love sharing music with people, so this allows me to share movies, TV shows and music that you may not have heard of!

I did a Top 7 for each major category. The general rule is “Top 5” for all but the last category, but 7 is my favorite number, and in all honesty, I couldn’t narrow several of these lower than that so…7 it is. And most of them are in no particular order. I also linked my favorite song by each of the music picks just for fun. :)

Favorite Movies:
-The Princess Bride
-The Wizard of Oz
-Across The Universe
-Cool Hand Luke
-Die Hard
-Boondock Saints

Favorite Music:  

ALL TIME Favorite Classics:

ALL TIME Favorite Current:
-Mumford & Sons or The Flaming Lips are tied for #7. It's not cheating, I swear. ;)

Favorite RIGHT NOW:  (What I can’t get enough of at the moment.)
-The Avett Brothers (They make both lists. And I linked two different songs.)

Favorite TV Shows:
TV Shows No Longer On Air:
-Veronica Mars
-The Killing
-Battlestar Gallactica
-Friday Night Lights
-Sex in the City

10 Favorite TV Shows Currently On Air:
-Breaking Bad
-Game of Thrones
-Mad Men
-Falling Skies
-The Walking Dead
-Rookie Blue
-Sons of Anarchy

So, there you have it - a little insight into my entertainment psyche! What are your favorites?

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