Friday, October 12, 2012


Politics. That's a touchy subject for me. I stand firm and proud with my views, but I don't (generally) broadcast them openly, mostly because I don't want to FIGHT. Recently I've grown more and more disgusted with how split this country has become. We roll our eyes and scoff at others who don't see it the way we see it - I, myself, am guilty of this. We can't understand why "the other side" sees things they way they do, so instead of embracing and appreciating that our differences are okay, we argue and fight and finger point. But riddle me this...How is that productive? How is that helping to repair our damaged country? And what kind of example are we setting for our future generations?

Today, my brother posted a video that sums up so many of the things I've been feeling. It is not for one side or the other. It's for ALL OF US.

I know I can sometimes be a "let's all just love one another" idealist, and I know there will always be lines drawn in the sand and sides chosen, but can we just stop for a moment and remember that we are all Americans?

United, we stand.

Divided, we will fall.

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