Friday, February 22, 2013

A Long Overdue Follow Up

Recently, I have had a few people ask how Ryan is doing in his Battle with Testosterone. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read Parts One and Two before jumping into Part Three below.

We last left off with the update in September...and a lot has happened since then. After my last post, Ryan's moods had leveled off, but he never quite made it back to 100%. I had just accepted that this was his new 100%. But as we entered December, Ryan's very favorite time of year and generally his happiest, I noticed that some of the symptoms of Low T were coming back. Explosions of emotion - both anger and depression, high anxiety, lack of motivation and overall disinterest were all rearing their ugly heads again. And I was not having it. I knew that waiting too long to take action could be catastrophic. I refused to let my husband slide back to his lowest.

So, after Christmas, we contacted his doctor, had blood work done and went for a follow up. The specialist said that Ryan had dropped back down to the 500's. The pellets that should have lasted him six months, he had burned through in three. The doctor determined that Ryan's body basically attacks itself when he is under stress, which causes his testosterone to drop, which causes him to feel worse, which causes more stress. It was the epitome of a vicious cycle.

One of the biggest things for Ryan is to keep stress and anxiety as low as possible, so we have made some pretty huge changes to help him achieve that. He was given another pellet injection treatment, but it was also determined that putting him on an additional medication to help him manage his stress and anxiety was necessary. And as I type this blog, I can honestly say that Ryan is doing the best he has in YEARS. I feel like I'm going to jinx us here but I would venture to say that with the continued pellet treatments and meds, he is back to 100% himself!

He is back to being energetic, funny, sweet and driven. He is laughing and smiling basically all the time.

He is back to the man I fell in love with. 

He is happy.

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  1. So very happy to hear that Ryan has found a doctor and some meds to make him happy and fit again. He is lucky to have such a caring wife.
    My best to you both and much happier times are just around the corner. Love, Grammie