Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ryan's Jeep - Vent

So, Ryan's Jeep has been having some starting issues. It has a new starter in it but if we run errands in it, after the 4th or 5th "stop and start" gladly stops, but then wont start. We have to sit there for 20+ minutes waiting for it to stop throwing its tantrum and get us home. Other than that little issue, its one of the best cars we've ever had.

Ok - on to the vent. Ryan is out of town for work again this week so we used this as an opportunity to take it to the shop. And wouldn't ya know it...the car is running like a dream. It will not "duplicate" the issue!! They have been starting and stopping it all day. No problem. GRRRRR!!!! Our wonderful mechanic of going on 10 years [shameless plug - Kane's Auto Repair in Lewisville] said he would keep at it tomorrow. Sigh. Really, oh Jeep of ours? You pick now to be reliable?

Ryan is gonna be pissed at you when he finds out...

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