Tuesday, April 14, 2009

[A Slightly Delayed] Weekend Wrap Up

It was a busy weekend. And it went by much too fast.

Friday - I got off work a bit early [YAY!] just in time for Ryan to call and say he was back from his business trip. I got to pick him up, which I love. I feel like a giddy school girl when I drive closer and closer to his office. So silly! Anyway, I planned to try and make it to church with my Mom but she had a job interview [PLEASE pray she gets this job!!!!!!] and it ran late so Ryan & I stayed home and spent time cuddling on the couch. Bliss.

Saturday - I had a spa appointment with my Mother-in-Law at the Coldwater Creek Spa in Flower Mound. [And, I know you are wondering...NO I do NOT usually visit the spa. I'm generally to cheap, broke, whatever to go, but I had a generous gift card from said Mother-in-law, so we went together.] I had the most amazing pedicure of my life. Seriously. If you ever have the extra cash...do it. The Essential Pedicure. Wow. It's worth the $50 plus tip. [I know, I know. I had a gift card, remember?!] They sit you in this huge recliner and soak your feet. Then they put an aroma-therapy neck wrap on you. Then they lay you back in the recliner, put a warm and wonderful eye press on - and pedicure away!
Ok anyway, after the pedi we had brunch, then I had to run some quick errands. Then we headed out to my cousin's house in Dallas for dinner. It was delish and great catching up with them. Frankie gave us a little acoustic show, and my cousins were blown away. I don't think they knew how good he is. Mike [one of my cousins] video taped some of it...I'll post links when I get them.

Sunday - Easter!!! I love Easter, for all the right reasons. And our beloved Pastor Tom gave an amazing sermon. It's his last Easter at our church [Methodist ministers move churches ever 5-8 years] so we all paid especially close attention. ;) Ryan, Mom and I met Ryan's family for lunch. Then we worked on my Mom's house some [we move in less than 2 weeks!!] then Ryan, Mom, Frankie & I went to dinner at Outback.

In other news, Ryan JUST discovered this blog. Even though I talk to him about it. Apparently, he does not listen. The good news is, when he stumbled across it, he didn't complain about it. YAY! ;) [For those of you who know my darling husband, you will understand why it's a miracle he didn't have some snide remark about blogging.] Maybe I can even convince him to blog someday!! What? That's pushing it? Oh - sorry dear. ;)


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  1. your easter weekend sounded perfect and the pedicure sounded amazing! totally jealous : )