Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's been a week...

...since my last post! We had a hectic weekend moving and honestly, I just haven't had much to say. I'm super tired right now, although I am embarrassed saying that within an earshot of my friend OperaWife. ;) Moving wore me out [sad, I know], and I just haven't caught up. Plus, Ryan is out of town [again] and I never sleep very well when he isn't next to me.

This weekend is going to be a fun one!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Ryan comes home! AND speaking of OperaWife, tomorrow is opening night of the musical she is in [and the reason she wins the "tired" contest] Crazy For You!! My Mom and I are going. I love opening night.

Saturday - We are going to the first showing of the new Wolverine movie! [YAY for Gambit!!] It's also Derby Day [a HUGE deal in my Kentucky-bred family] and we will be going over to my cousin's house to eat Derby food, drink Mint Juleps and watch the race.

Sunday - I plan to sleep as late as possible. [Do you hear me Ryan?! DO NOT wake me up unless your life is in danger! ;) ] Then onto the normal Sunday stuff - groceries, laundry, errands. Sunday is also my last day eating all the junk I love so much. Come Monday...I start Weight Watchers. [More on this Monday.]

And a day late Happy Birthday to my Dad! You're getting old, Pops!! ;) But I love ya and I'm glad you're still kickin'.

Dad & I, in the good ol' days. And yes, he still has all that hair...its just silver now.


  1. Tired is relative! And moving IS exhausting, so don't worry about saying how tired you are! :) I'm SO excited you're coming to the show. I hope you guys think it's worth the time, drive and money!

  2. LOL thanks for saying that ;)

    I KNOW it will be worth it!! We are excited too!!! ...will you be able to come out after to meet & greet?

  3. moving is SO not fun! i HATE it and have done it way too much! you have every right to be tired! get some rest woman! so what city are you living in now?

  4. I'm literally right on the border of Coppell and Lewisville. [Our mailbox sits ON the line, haha.] Our mailing address is Lewisville but pay Coppell taxes.