Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life Well Lived - Vol 10

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I have participated in a Texas high school tradition.
Growing up in Texas, this tradition is nothing new. Girls start talking about it in middle school and it was one of the things I was most excited about when I started high school. But people who move here from other states seem to be baffled by it. I'm talking about Mums. I had a Mum every year for homecoming and it was such a fun tradition. And, why yes, in case you are wondering, yes I am wearing one of my Dad's button downs to hold that monstrosity (of high school awesomeness) up right.

I threw my brother a surprise 18th birthday party.

I love my brother. Like, a lot. If you haven't already gathered from this blog, we are super close. Like BFF close. And we have been for most of our lives. So, when Frankie was approaching his 18th birthday, I decided we needed to pull out all the stops. I asked my parent's for a budget and I organized the whole thing. I rented a karaoke machine and a bouncy house and bought 2 sets of hulk gloves for "Bouncy House Boxing" (it was as awesome as it sounds). I gave his closest friends invitations to give out and crossed my fingers for a good turn out. My parents took him to a movie while I set up the party and waited for guests to arrive for the big reveal. As his friends arrive by the car full, I handed out silly string and BEGGED this group of teenagers to stay in one place and be quiet. My parents pulled into the driveway with a blindfold over Frankie's eyes. (They told him his present was in the driveway.) As he got out of the car, his friends and I yelled "SURPRISE" and completely doused him in silly string. He was FURIOUS at first, until he caught a glimpse of all the people and the set-up in the backyard. It was SUCH a fun night. I wish I could find my pictures from the evening, especially of Frankie covered in silly string, but the one above will have to do. As a way to remember the night, I had all his friends sign a happy birthday poster (only about 1/2 actually signed) that he could keep forever. I just hope he has as much fun reminiscing from that night as I do!

I was voted Best Actress by my peers.

I don't think there is a bigger honor than being voted on by your peers. As I mentioned last week, I was very involved in "the arts" in high school. I rearranged my schedule and took classes with under-classmen so that I could be in both drama and choir. I LIVED for the stage. And, I guess others noticed? Because in 2001, I was voted Best Actress. I was so humbled, honored and floored. It still ranks as one of the best nights of my well lived life. :)

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