Monday, November 7, 2011

The Durability Anniversary

Tomorrow is Ryan & my third wedding anniversary. It's called The Durability Anniversary because it is often when a couple is aware of the durability of their relationship. (Settle in...this one deserves the long version.)

Since our actual anniversary is on a Tuesday, we decided ahead of time to celebrate on Saturday night. Ryan took the planning reigns. At first, he wouldn't tell me much. Just that I'd need a dress. Well, I love surprises as much as the next gal, but sometimes, we need details. What KIND of dress? Would a sundress be appropriate, or should it be more formal? Would we be inside or outside? Would I need a sweater? What kind of shoes would I need? As I overwhelmed Ryan with questions, he quickly realized he was better off just telling me the plan.

He was taking me to The Old Warsaw. A little background, this restaurant has always been "in" my life. My Gram and Gramp (Dad's parents) used to eat there. They took my parents from time to time...including when my Mom was pregnant with me. My parents went there occasionally when we were kids. And then, they took Frankie and I one year for my Mom's birthday. There is just some special about that place. I suppose I romanticize it to a degree, because it does hold some history in my life, but every time we would be in Dallas and see the billboard for The Old Warsaw, I'd talk about it. Ryan's a smart man. He listens when I talk. (Most of the time.)

We also decided to not exchange gifts this year. Our fancy night out was gift enough. Well...that and the new dress I bought myself, and the new shirt and tie Ryan bought himself.

I asked Ryan what color he'd like to see me in. He basically just said "No more black dresses". (All I own are black dresses it seems.) We discussed it further and settled on red. I found The One and hid it away in closest so he wouldn't see it until our date.

Ryan asked me what I'd like to see him in. I told him I had a weakness for tall, dark and handsome men in lavender. AKA, my husband in lavender. He bought a gorgeous lavender checkered shirt and a dark gray tie.

I started my date prep in the early afternoon on Saturday. I wanted to look 'perfect'.

The making of my anniversary look.
Fancy nails, curled hair, "sultry" makeup, The Red Dress.

When I was completely put together, lipstick and all, Ryan graciously posed for a few (several) pictures.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I was already filled with memories of my first visit there. I was so excited that I actually had butterflies! We were seated and immediately I was overwhelmed by the ambiance. It is such a beautiful, classy, romantic place. We ordered our 4 course meals, and soon the Maitre’D approached our table carrying a vase with 3 pink roses. I must have looked confused because Ryan leaned over and whispered "open the card".

Y'all. Ryan had flowers delivered TO. THE. RESTAURANT. The card expressed his love, and explained that the 3 roses signified the same sentiment as my engagement ring does. The Past, Present and Future. And for our 3 years of marriage. I was floored, and so touched.

Soon our food arrived. I so wish cameras were acceptable in white tablecloth settings. This food looked as amazing as it tasted. I had a Creme Brie and Mushroom soup as my first course, followed by their famous Cesar Salad. My entree was Grilled Prime Filet stuffed with Lump Crab meat in a Madeira and BĂ©arnaise sauce, with Whipped Garlic Potatoes and Sauteed French Green Beans. For dessert, the most amazing Chocolate Souffle I've ever had. (I can't remember all of Ryan's courses. I was too wrapped up in mine!) After dessert, we sipped our wine and listened to the gentle music provided by a pianist and violinist. Then, our waiter emerged with a single rose and a slice of Pecan Pie decorated with a single candle. He was followed by the violinist. The violinist serendaded us and wished us a happy anniversary as we "managed" to eat yet another dessert. (MORE dessert?! Oh, you twisted my arm, good sir.) In that moment, it just suddenly hit me, just how lucky I am. Ryan really pulled out all the stops...and sometimes I wonder if I deserve him. I sat, fighting (happy) tears, in that moment.

The whole ride home I was on, a very full, cloud 9. I was still smiling ear to ear as Ryan popped the cork of my favorite champange and filled our toasting flutes. (They were a wedding gift from Ryan's parents. We used them on our wedding day and every anniversary since.) Then we settled in for our other anniversary routine...watching our wedding video.

Durability indeed. After three years, I don't think I've ever loved my husband as much as I do now.

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  1. i got all choked up while i was reading this! i am so happy that you are so happy, rach! though i don't know ryan, it does seem as if you two are just perfect for each other. sounds like the evening was magical and you looked gorgeous! xoxo!