Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adventures in Beauty - Braids

I. Love. Braids.

I always have. If my hair was long enough to braid (it usually was, except for ages 7 & 8), chances are, I wanted a braid in it. My American Girl doll, Molly, came with braids...though I later took them out to practice OTHER braids on. For my 11th or 12th birthday, my cousin gave me a book of 50 braids and how to do them. I wore braids when braids weren't cool anymore. (Ask Ryan.)

So, how thrilled am I that they are now trendy and fashionable?! I get to pull out all my old braids from my arsenal and wear them with PRIDE! And I've learned some new ones too. Like this one...the "one sided" braid.

I saw this braid on Lauren Conrad's blog and tried it that very day. It is SO easy and SO cute. You'll see me rockin' this one often.

1 comment:

  1. I so wish I could braid!! Or that we lived close enough that you could braid my hair :)