Friday, January 13, 2012

Wrap-Around and Waterfall Braids!

Oh Pinterest. How you fuel my braid-fire.

While on one of my many visits to Pinterest, I came across a braid I knew I had to try. The wrap-around french braid. I LOVED how polished but fun it looked. So, the next morning, I gave it a whirl. It took me two tries to get it "just right". I should have taken a picture of the front, but I didn't.

I parted my hair in the front how I would usually wear it. For me, that is slightly off-center. I started on the side with more hair on the part. I started braiding normally right behind my ear, the just french braided low and "sideways" to achieve the wrap-around look. Once I got to the end, I braided normally to the end, tied it off with a band, then tucked the end in and bobby pinned it! I got tons of compliments and it really held up well all day!

The next one, I actually did for the first time over the summer on my co-worker/BFF/favorite hair model, Kim. (In fact, the video I will link below is dated July 5th, and I did this for Kim on July 7th...which I remember because that's her birthday!) This one has been all over Pinterest, but that's not where I first saw it. As I've mentioned, I watch a lot of beauty YouTube videos - and that's where I first found this gem. Oh, the Waterfall braid. It is just as beautiful as it is tricky. This one takes some serious concentration on the first go, but once I got the concept down, it was easy breezy. Now, let me say this - I have yet to master this self-Waterfall. I can do the sides just fine, but the back is REALLY hard to do without being able to really look at it. This one is easier to learn by watching, in my opinion. So, here is the video I watched. And now, let's admire Kim's beauty...

Happy Braiding! ;)

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  1. Pretty! You girls are both lucky to have great hair... so think and long! I don't have nearly enough hair to make these work! Love them though!!