Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be The Change

Today, while sitting at work, I got a text from my dear friend Linsday. She had sent me a link that she said made her think of me. I opened the link and found "21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity". I was excited immediately. Lindsay knows what my soul craves!!! And as I scrolled through the pictures and read the captions, I was so moved. Tears were running down my cheeks but I was smiling. But then something made me stop in my tracks. We have satellite radio that plays over the speakers that are in every hallway of the office, and I kid you not, the radio was playing this song:

And suddenly, I was having a moment. Even tucked away in the four corporate walls of my office, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the world we live in. The Universe aligned for a moment and I had a million thoughts enter my mind at once. The strongest of those thoughts was simple. We, all of us, all living creatures on this planet, we need each other. We need to LOVE each other. And SUPPORT each other. And most importantly...we need to HELP each other. We spend so much time judging and hating each other that we leave so little room for much else. I think that the majority of people are innately good...but maybe we don't try hard enough to share that good with others. We get so wrapped up in our own daily stresses. The smallest of gestures could mean so much to another living thing. And in this link from a friend who means so much to me, there were 21 examples of people who looked outside of themselves for the greater good.

I urge you to take a moment. Listen to the words of the song and scroll through the 21 pictures on this website. I am not delusional. This quasi-hippie doesn't expect everyone to suddenly get along, but maybe it will make you stop and think, as it did for me, that maybe we can try harder to be better. Let's LOVE each other more. Let's SUPPORT each other more. And for goodness sakes, let's HELP each other more.


  1. ahhhh my arms are covered in goosebumps. beautiful. thank you for taking a mere text and turning it into an experience. you are magnificent.