Monday, June 4, 2012

The Thing About Pinterest... that sometimes the good ideas are just that. Ideas. Once you start to execute an idea, sometimes they don't work out how you imagined. I encountered that this weekend as I took on this idea before heading to the Summer Cut concert. It looked like a perfect way to re-use the creamer bottles that we usually recycle. So, I washed and held onto two bottles and headed to the store to grab a few snacks to take to the show. I went with my all time favorite snack food, Goldfish, (popcorn is a close second) and then also picked up some peanut butter Ritz-Bitz.

The day of the concert, I got out my supplies and started filling.

Actually, I just started spilling Goldfish everywhere. Here's where this idea left much to be desired. See, what you can't tell from the original post is that even after removing the red cap, the opening on the top of the bottle is pretty small. Pouring directly from the large box of Goldfish into the creamer bottle wasn't going to work. So, I had to dump a bunch into my hand and feed them in a bit more slowly. No big deal. It was still a fairly quick process.

The Ritz-Bitz, however, proved more troublesome. Each individual cracker was almost exactly the same size as the opening of the bottle. There would be no pouring from box or hand on this one, but I was already committed, so I dumped the entire box onto a paper towel...

...and started putting them into the bottle. One. By. One. 

My nails look a mess. Sorry.
Finally, I had two full bottles of snacks to toss in my backpack for the show.

The concept was a great one. The bottles were easy to pass around for all of our friends to share, but I had to watch each and every one of them unscrew the red top and Heinz 57 the bottle to get the snacks from the bottle into their hands. There was NO pouring the Goldfish out of the red top, and obviously if the Ritz barely fit into the bottle, they were just as stubborn to get out.

Now, that being said, I may still hold on to a few of these bottles because I imagine they would be great for small items, like the chocolate chips pictured in the original post, or baking items like sugar and flour. But for anything the size of a dime or larger? Better luck next time, Pinterest.

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