Friday, April 19, 2013

Colorado Trip - Day Four & Five

On Sunday morning (our fourth and final full day in Colorado) we slept in and had an early lunch before heading to Colorado Springs to visit the Garden of the Gods. Ryan had been here once before, and his description made me all the more excited to see this natural wonder.

The drive to Colorado Springs was gorgeous, and as we started to approach the Garden, it got even more beautiful.

We entered the park area and started the climb to around 8000 feet. (This was 3000 feet above Denver, the "Mile High City".)

As soon as we stepped out of the car, I was truly affected by altitude for the first time on our trip. I was dizzy and light headed and as we started our hike, it only got worse. I took longer than usual at each stop, trying to regain my footing as I read each plaque.

The natural stone structures were so breathtaking, but unfortunately, so was the altitude, haha. I felt terrible not being able to keep up with Ryan. I know I made the experience less awesome for him. (I really am sorry, babe.) But, it didn't stop me from appreciating the landscape.


As we were walking on the trail, we encountered a herd of mule deer. Like so many of the other animals we saw on our trip, they were just going about their business, unaffected by us. It was truly amazing. Ryan got a quick video as they crossed the trail one by one. 

To put this into perspective, Ryan is 6'3.

After I'd gone as far as I could on the trail, we got back into the car and drove to the top, taking pictures along the way. 

THE Garden of the Gods.

I don't think I've seen much that was more beautiful than the views from the top.
This might be my very favorite picture from the entire trip. I want to live IN THIS VERY SPOT.

After returning back to Denver, we ventured out to grab dinner and call it a night since we had to fly out the next morning. We decided to try a diner we had seen on Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives, Sam's No. 3. The downtown location was super busy and we couldn't find any parking, so we headed over to the location just outside of the city.

The food LOOKS great, but was actually just average. We both wondered if the original location would have been better than this newer one. But, it was still yummy.  
Then we headed back to the hotel, packed our things and enjoyed a movie in bed.

We woke up early Monday morning just in time for snow to start falling. There was a good 1/4 inch accumulated on the cars by the time we left for the airport at 8am.

Ryan making faces at me as he brushes off the snow.

 We basically spent the entire day traveling...

And once again, it was a super turbulent flight (though no airsickness bag was needed this time, haha). Poor Ryan's hand suffered the consequences as I gripped it for dear life. I am so lucky to be married to the kind of man who offers me his hand every time we hit a bump (or took off/landed). 

So, now we are back in Texas, begrudgingly. But, hopefully not for long. read that right. We haven't set a date or made it 100% official, but we took this trip with the intent of deciding if we wanted to potentially move to Colorado, and after our visit, we were certain its where we belong.  So, here's to crossing Item #2 off my 30x30 list...and here's to seeing how this unfolds.


  1. Hell, *I* want to move there now! Let's be neighbors! And can we live near the art, please? ;) ♥