Monday, April 29, 2013

The Time I Touched Gavin Rossdale...

This weekend, The Hubs & I attended the 23rd Annual Edgefest. Typing that makes me feel a little old because I went to several Edgefests in my teens. Eventually, the line-ups stopped interesting me. But this year, it peaked my interest once again. Mainly because of one my favorite bands of all-time was playing - BUSH. (It'd be silly to try and make this suspenseful since the title basically gives it away.) And a friend of mine, Lyndsay, hooked us up with tickets!

Twenty bands played (though we didn't hear them all), but our favorites of the day, in order in the pics below, were.... The Neighbourhood, Robert DeLong, Fitz & The Tantrums, AWOLNATION, Deftones and last but most certainly not least, Bush!

I enjoyed basically all the bands we saw, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't the most excited for Bush. I have been a Bush fan for...seriously, almost 20 years. (Ugh, so many things in this post are making me feel super old...) I vividly remember standing in line at a music store in the mall, waiting for buy a copy of their first album. Posters of the band were on my wall. I even had a framed head shot of just Gavin Rossdale hanging in my room. As we stood near the main stage, waiting (im)patiently for Bush to take the stage, my excitement grew. Ryan was a great sport and allowed me to fully geek-out through the entire set. We sang along to every song, jumped up and down when necessary and threw our hands up every time the band told us to. I don't think I stopped moving until the music stopped.

And right smack in the middle, the most amazing thing happened. The band started playing a familiar melody, but one that was not their own. It was "Come Together" by the Beatles. (I miiiight have screamed my head off at this point. Possibly. Maybe.) As we sang along, we watched Gavin Rossdale disappear into the crowd. As I searched for him, Ryan nudged me and said "BABE!" I looked toward him to see Gavin Rossdale himself climbing up the sound tent, about 15 feet from us! I could not contain myself.

There he stood, right in front of us.

And just when I thought it couldn't get ANY better, it did. Because he climbed back down the sound tent and walked DIRECTLY in front of us. No, seriously. I reached out my hand and brushed his shoulder. Gavin Freaking Rossdale!!!!!! (Check out the video below that Ryan captured.) I couldn't stop shaking after, and spent the remainder of their set in a bizarre, adrenaline induced state. 

I cannot imagine a concert experience topping this for a long, long time. As my brother said when I texted him about it, a lifelong dream - fulfilled.

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