Friday, April 26, 2013

The Lumineers - Concert "Review"

Even though I attend a LOT of concerts, its been a while since I've blogged about one. Last night, two of my best friends and I went to see The Lumineers (from Denver, CO ::coughcough::), and they gave us all a totally "blog-worthy" show! 

Britt, Me, Kim
Let me talk about the opening acts first because both deserve mention. I tried to snap a couple of pictures, but the lighting for both of their sets were not super "cellphone camera friendly". So, instead, I'll link up to YouTube.

First up was Jack Wilson (and band). I was impressed with them. You know, sometimes the very first openers just aren't up the par, but they definitely were. He has a very smooth, melodic tone and his band (complete with a trumpet player!) was quite good and really together.

Next was Sam Doores + Riley Downing and the Tumbleweeds. Brittany had seen them before, and promised I was in for a good show. She was definitely right. They were so much fun to watch/listen to! The song I linked above is one of their slower songs, but I assure you, they can GET DOWN. I really enjoyed them and plan to get their album soon.

Moving on to the main attraction - The Lumineers! I've been a fan for a little over a year - before their big hit "Ho Hey" hit the radio waves. (Sorry to get all hipstery here, but its true.) As soon as I heard them for the first time, I was hooked. Sadly, as often happens for me, I jumped on the fanwagon about a week after they had played a small show here. So, I was left hoping they'd come back soon. Well, within that year, they absolutely blew up and had a strong enough fan base to play at Verizon Theater - which happens to be my favorite venue.

As soon as they started to play, I was absolutely giddy! I've had a handful of concerts in my life that left me a bit disappointed because it was obvious the band/singer was better in the studio than live. The Lumineers were almost the opposite! I LOVE their album and listen to it often...but hearing them live stepped it up one more level.

Their set list was stellar. They played everything from their album (including my very favorite - the moving "Charlie Boy"), a couple of new tunes (that made me SUPER excited for their next album) and also did a couple of awesome covers - like "Subterranean Homesick Blues" by Bob Dylan and "Ain't Nobody's Problem" by Sawmill Joe. And since it seems that the telltale sign of an amazing show for me is if they make me'll all be happy to know that they brought me to tears TWICE. I have a special place in my heart for bands that really want to connect and share a moment with their fans, and The Lumineers absolutely strived for that connection.

That being said, I must vent a little a lot. Because the crowd last night did NOT make that job easy for them. Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe concert-goers are getting younger (read: less mature), but I witnessed some of the most disrespectful behavior at a concert that I've seen. Three "major" incidents last night left my friends and I embarrassed that this is what represented DFW.

First, the infuriating show-talker. You know the ones. They talk through the ENTIRE concert. I find this to be an issue more at venues where its standing-room-only or with a Pit. (Which is where we were last night.) I could tell you basically the entire 3 hour conversation the people standing behind me had...which really sucks when you are trying to just be in the moment, enjoying soaring music.

Second, the deplorable phone-out-the-whole-time-r.  Now listen, I am not trying to be a hypocrite here because obviously I took several pictures last night. But that's precisely what I did. I took a FEW pictures, most of which were at the very beginning of the set, and then my phone went into my purse where it stayed for the remainder of the show. What I'm talking about here is the person who stands there with their phone in the air, trying to record every song. What really killed me is that 4-5 times during the show, Wesley (the lead singer) asked everyone to "Please put away your phones and cameras and just be present with us." And yet people STILL recorded every song.

I promise I'm almost done...but its my blog and I can write what I want to (write what I want, WRIIIITE what I want to...). Lastly, the gosh-darn beach balls. I am NOT hating on beach balls at every concert. Not in the least! I quite enjoy them at outdoor shows, especially those like The Flaming Lips, where they are absolutely acceptable. But an inside venue in the middle of a slow, touching song is NOT the time to toss the 20 beach balls you smuggled into the crowd. There was a moment during "Slow It Down" when there were so many beach balls going that everyone was completely distracted and the poor band looked like they were ready to pack it up and leave the stage. (At one point, a stage hand even grabbed a ball and popped it with scissors!)  Luckily, several people near us where just as annoyed by them as we were, and collectively we were able to grab and deflate two of them.

One of the dreaded beach balls.

But, enough of me sounding like the grumpy old lady who should just stay at home. ;) And WOW, that turned into an epically long post. Sorry for the ranting! I truly, truly enjoyed The Lumineers and cannot WAIT until I get another opportunity to see them live.

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