Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Came Early

Ryan and I share our love for the holidays that occur when the weather is cool. Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentine's Day...but mostly, Christmas. As soon as one Christmas comes to a close, we are thinking about the next. We love shopping for others, we love the holiday foods you only eat once a year, we LOVE the cooler temps, and we love decorating.

In my house growing up, my Mom transformed our house for the holidays. She had a box for each holiday of the year...and many, many boxes for Christmas. Our house turned into our own private Winter Wonderland, and I grew accustomed to that. So, when the weather starts to turn chilly, I get excited to transform our little apartment too. Usually we decorate on what most people call "Black Friday". (I don't participate in that madness. I loathe it, actually. I digress.) BUT, this year we decided we were ready for a little Christmas early. And I am SO glad we decorated. It just makes me happy.

Setting up the tree - I took the bottom layers, Ryan took the top.

We love our "hipster" holiday Pandora station! ;) Stockings by the fire, Cooper under the tree, lighted garland hung around the living room. Love it all!

Our little tree. With a really bright bow on top, haha.
Some may call us crazy for decorating so early, but to us it really is the most wonderful time of the year, and we want to be in it as long as possible. :)


  1. I love everything about this! I need to check out that pandora station! I think it's great your cats don't ruin your decorations and more power to you for enjoying the holiday. Love you!

    1. Thanks for all the blog love, Linds! You will LOVE that Pandora station! It's our favorite! And the cats totally do get into the decorations - we can't put ornaments on the tree because Cooper will pull them off one by one, haha. But, we decorate anyway! Love YOU sister!