Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Ants Go Marching...

My drive home yesterday was traumatic.

Let me paint you a picture.

A few minutes into my commute home, I merged onto the highway and reached the optimum (and legal) cruising speed of 70 mph. Upon entering the highway, I turned my a/c on high. (Yes, high. It's in the high 80's here in Texas right now. Which is SO rude. But I digress.)

Moments later, I noticed there was something spitting out of my air vents. Soon its progressed from spitting to raining. I felt it pinging against my face but I thought maybe it was pollen or moisture or something NOT terrifying. Like an idiot, I just pointed the vents UP and kept on trucking.

Then I glanced down at my shirt.

And there I discovered about 20 little ants, just crawling around.

I immediately started to panic and I glanced around my car and realized there were ants EVERY WHERE. Hundreds of them. On my face, in my hair, on my clothes, all over my passenger seat and dash board, and some had even made it into the backseat.

I zipped over to the nearest exit and whipped into the first parking lot I saw. I jumped out of the car and started brushing and shaking the ants off of me like a crazy person. I flipped my head upside down to shake out my hair...and ants were falling onto the ground. (YOU GUYS. ANTS. IN MY HAIR.) After I felt I'd sufficiently gotten these pesky little insects off of me, I started to try and brush off the seats. I got as many as I could before I called Ryan SOBBING (because my first reaction to EVERYTHING is tears). He offered to come meet me and drive my car home, but I felt like that was ridiculous in rush hour traffic so I bucked up and got back in my car.

The remainder of the drive home, I could just FEEL them all over me...and I was watching as the survivors of my initial seat-brushing crawled all over my car.

This picture does not do the incident justice. This is after I'd brushed about twice as many out of my car. But, all those black dots are ants. And on the right side, there are about 20 in that crease of the seat.

Ryan met me in front of the garage and immediately put the shop vac to work as I ran upstairs to get out of my ant infested clothes and shake out my purse. Ryan said he thinks I parked on an ant hill at some point and it was either yesterday and they'd crawled into my engine or it was a while ago and the ants laid eggs...that hatched yesterday. Either way...I was terrible and I am still traumatized.

Fingers crossed that I won't have to bug bomb my car and those ants go marching two by ANYWHERE else.

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