Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kind Founders

Last night, I had an experience that will forever be one of the best moments of my life.

Unless you are brand spanking new to this blog, chances are you've read posts about the Denton Women's Collective and our work with Finding Kind. Collectively, we have done 5 screenings now and are working on a few more in the near future. It has been an amazing gift to us to be able to spread this message...but we always hoped and dreamed that we would eventually get to meet Lauren and Molly, the inspirational founders and film makers.

Well, last night, that dream came true for us! We found out that they would be speaking at a high school in the area and we jumped at the chance to be able to see them in action. The anticipation grew as Lindsay reached out on various social media outlets to let them know we'd be there. It was a whole new experience for us, being in the crowd instead of leading, and being able to see how Lauren and Molly interacted with the girls was so special.

Lauren and Molly, speaking to the group
After the movie and discussion had wrapped, the five of us waited (sort of) patiently for an opportunity to speak with these amazing ladies. Much to my delight, they are just as kind and genuine as they seem on film. As we met and hugged them and started to express our appreciation of them, they were doing the same! Thanking US for spreading the kind movement in our area. It was an absolutely surreal moment, chatting with these two and having them pay us such sweet compliments, when all we are doing is spreading the message they started.

Members of DWC with Lauren and Molly!
L-R: Stephanie, Me, Shell, Brittany, Lindsay
Lauren, Molly
After we snapped a few pictures and discussed future plans, we parted ways...with very full hearts. It was a night I will never forget, as Lauren and Molly have made such an impact on my life. And Britt, Linds, Shell and Steph, I am SO grateful I got to experience this moment with you.

I'm still smiling.

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