Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Idol Wrap-Up

Since we are down to the top 10, I will give my two cents on all of them and I will keep it short and sweet.

In order of appearance:
Siobhan – Yikes. I thought everything about her was a train-wreck last night.

Casey – He was on fire last night! He just continues to stand out as the most “natural” on stage. I loved it.

Big Mike – LOVED everything about this performance. I dug the guitar, loved the song choice and thought he sang it so well.

Didi – I don’t think she did as badly as the judges made her feel she did. I do agree with them; I miss the singer/songwriter Didi. I do think she is a little lost, but I still think she is good.

Tim – PLEASE tell me this kid is going home tonight! He’s cute as a button…but that’s all he has going for him.

Andrew – HE’S BACK! I LOVED his version of Forever. So, so great.

Katie – She just underwhelms me all.the.time.

Lee – My #1!!! He was always neck and neck w/ Alex for my #1 spot, and he owned it last night.

Crystal – Though I prefer her as 'the hippie with the guitar', I really liked her last night.

Aaron – I think he lost some of the intensity he had during rehearsal, but he still sang well. Was it my favorite of the night? Hardly, but I still like him.

Who did I vote for? 6 of the 10, in order of who I liked most: Lee, Casey, Big Mike, Andrew, Crystal, and Didi. I probably should have voted for Aaron too.

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