Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idol Wrap-Up

I write this entry with a still heavy heart after last weeks eliminations. I lost 3 good soldiers; Alex, Lilly and Katelyn. One of whom I am still particularly bitter about...Alex! I am still in shock he got voted off! He has such an amazing voice...and I know he was like a little turtle afraid to poke his head out of his shell but...COME ON. He was one heck of a singer. Moving on...

Last night I was, well, bored. I am finding it difficult to even remember all the performances.

I'm just going to tell you who I voted for and why, in order to keep this from being super long.

Big Mike: He's just so good. His weird tippy-toe dance kind of drives me crazy, but I can look past that and see how darn hood he is.

Didi: I know she doesn't have that many fans [from reading emails, comments, etc] but I adore her. I think she is fantastic and last night, even though her voice cracked once and she flubbed the words once, I think she sang really, really well.

Casey: Last night he was who I "see" him being as an artist. I loved it. It was a perfect Americana blend of country, rock and blues.

Lee: He is my #1 now that Alex is gone. ::sob:: But he really is so great. Easy on the eyes and ears. I see him going all the way [at least top 3] at the rate he is going now.

So...there's this weeks little wrap-up!

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