Thursday, March 11, 2010

Idol Wrap-Up

Here are my Idol thoughts for this week…

Top 5 Guys:
Alex Lambert – 1st…the mullet is getting worse. Someone really needs to nip this in the bud…or pull a Jackass and take an electric razor to the back on his head. That being said…I’m still a fan. I thought “Trouble” really fit his voice and I still think he’s a great singer.

Andrew Garcia – I think Andrew is starting to lose me. I agreed when Kara said he peaked WAY early. Because of that…I think he will never out-sing “Straight Up”.

Casey James – I loved his song choice…but it didn’t blow me away. He sang it well, but for me, it was nothing special.

Lee Dewyze - I really love this guy. It was an…interesting song choice, but I kind of dug it. Parts were crazy pitchy but over all I appreciated the different spin he put on it. There were moments in the song where I think he really shined. I also heard little bits and pieces of what I thought sounded a bit like Counting Crows. Lucky for Lee, I love Counting Crows.

Michael Lynche – BIG MIKE!!! He is my big winner for this week. He did AMAZING. I had goose bumps through the whole song. He was by far the best of the guys AND girls this week. WOW. I don’t know what more to say.

Top 5 Girls:
Crystal Bowersox – She did well. But, we all knew she would. I still like her a lot but she is starting to feel a bit like Adam Lambert last season. We get it. You are great. You are 10x better at your craft [read: style] than anyone else this year. The judges love you, you are going to do great every week, etc. I guess for me, she needs to have a moment like Adam’s “Mad World” last season to really blow me out of the water. Otherwise, she’ll continue to do great, but it will become predictable for me.

Didi Benami – Way to go Didi! I know a lot of you [my readers] are not huge fans of Didi, but I really thought she did an amazing job this week. Her Fleetwood song choice was brilliant and she really showed off how talented she is. Love this girl.

Katelyn Epperly – Eh. She has a great voice, but this week felt sooooo piano bar. I hope she stays one more week to redeem herself.

Katie Stevens – Yikes. Horrible song choice. She did not sing well this week, however I still think she has huge potential…if she could get a little help with song choice.

Lilly Scott – I have to be honest…I kind of forgot about her until I saw her name just now. I had to go back and watch her song on You Tube. It was good. But obviously forgettable. I still think she deserves to stay in the competition…I guess everyone is just being a bit overshadowed by Big Mike right now!

[Note: For people new to my Idol Wrap-Ups, I don’t always talk about ALL the contestants. Usually just the stand-outs and/or disappointments. And I try to touch on my Top 5’s, which is the direction I went today.]


  1. I was sad to see Toddrick go, but he's a friend so I can't help but to feel that way.

  2. Kelli - I was sad to see him go to, but I think he has the potential for a great career any way!